Muslim Baby Girl Names | Islamic Baby Girl Names

AasiaPerson is very hopeful and the name refers to largest continent of the EarthGirl
AkhterA woman beutiful like a starGirl
BuhaisahOne who walks around with prideGirl
BuhjahA joyful and delighted personGirl
BuhthahA person who is delighteted to see othersGirl
BujaybahA narrator and the ne who transmittedGirl
BulbulA woman who is like a nightingaleGirl
BullahA beautiful glow of the youthGirl
BurdahA dutiful worshipperGirl
BurumA woman like a flower blossomGirl
BusayrahSomeone's female companionGirl
BustanShe is like an orchardGirl
ButhainahA woman with tender and beautiful bodyGirl
ButhaynaA gorgeous and tender body f a womanGirl
ButhaynahA lady with tender and pretty bodyGirl
CalaA woman who is like a castleGirl
FaaghiraShe who is like a Jasmine flowerGirl
FaakhiraAn excellent womanGirl
FaakhireeA woman who will surpass othersGirl
FaariaA woman who is tall and slimGirl
FadheelaA woman who always winsGirl
FadhilaA woman who is abundantGirl
FaeemaShe who reached fameGirl
FaeiqaA superb and excellent womanGirl
FaghiraShe who smells like a JAsnime flowerGirl
FaheemahA girl with a very keen eye for detailsGirl
FaheenaA keen and smart oneGirl
FarazaTo reach big hights and successGirl
FardoosOne who loves gardensGirl
FardowsaA garden that is highest in paradiseGirl
FareedahShe who is precious as a perlGirl
FareeftaA devoted loverGirl
FareehaA joyful and cheerful girlGirl
FareessA life, a forse of lifeGirl
FareezaOne who is lightGirl
FarhaanaA cheerful and glad personGirl
FarhahA lively, active personGirl
FarhanaA cheerful and merry womanGirl
FarhinA glad and happy womanGirl
FarhinaA feeling of happiness and jyGirl
FariaA very kind and loving womanGirl
FaridaOne with no matchGirl
FaridahA unique womanGirl
FarihahA felling of cheerfulness and joyGirl
FarishtaA heaven's angelGirl
FarizahA principal, an archGirl
FarjanaAn intelligent and wise personGirl
FaryatA sun-shine's delightGirl
FarzaanaA brainy and intelligent manGirl
FarzanaA woman who has great knowledgeGirl
FarziaA female, a girlGirl
FaseahaOne who is literaryGirl
FasilaTo go the distanceGirl
FasiyaA woman of gentle natureGirl
FathiyahA joy of the new beginingGirl
FathmaThe shining womanGirl
FatunahA smart womanGirl
FausatShe who achieves triumphGirl
FauziaShe who is successful and victoriousGirl
FawizaA woman of big successGirl
FayhaA perfuma, a good smellGirl
FayonaA pretty woman, a beautyGirl
FayyazaA lady who is very cheritable and generousGirl
FaziOne who bloomsGirl
FeeidhaOne who has a rewarding and generous personalityGirl
FeeizaOne who is victorous, one who wonGirl
FeerozahA girl who is like a precious stoneGirl
FeetinA very clever and smart girlGirl
FeezaA sliver womanGirl
FeheemaA brainy and intelligent womanGirl
FerineShe is the west windGirl
FerozeA woman who will win and have much successGirl
SiharOne who is fascinated and enchanted with things and peopleGirl
SiharnA feeling of enchantmentGirl
SikeenaA feeling of devout and tranquilityGirl
SikinaOne who is devoted and sincerely believes in somethingGirl
SileemaOne who is safeGirl
SilmaA woman of peaceGirl
SimbiatA woman of braveryGirl
SimraOne who is calledGirl
SimrahA woman who is an entertaining companionGirl
SireenShe who is the wife of a man who is a companion of the ProphetGirl
SirinA prophet's comanion's wifeGirl
SitarahShe who is like the star in the skyGirl
SiteareOne who is like a star from teh skyGirl
SiyanaOne who provides protectionGirl
SobiyaA name of the ProphetGirl
SohaShe is like a starGirl
SomayaA soft person, who has a calm natureGirl
SoraiyaHe is a princessGirl
SorfinaOne who is clean and neatGirl
Souad or suadShe who has good fortune in likeGirl
SouhaylaShe is a starGirl
SubahShe who is known and appreaced for her beautyGirl
SubhanaShe who is glorious and famousGirl
SufiaOne who follows sufism. Also a celan hearted personGirl
SughraShe who is small, shortGirl
SughraaA small womanGirl
SuhaanaA charming woman with pleasant natureGirl
SuhaimaShe who is like a little arrowGirl
SuhaimahA very small arrowGirl
SuhairaOne who is awake at night like the MoonGirl
SuhaylaOne who is smooth and soft and flowing like a riverGirl
SuhaylahOne who is smooth and soft and flowing like a riverGirl
SuheilyA violent, stormy weatherGirl
SukainaA woman who was a narrator of HadithGirl
SukainahA woman whose peaceful mind is inspired by AllahGirl
SukaynahA woman of calm natureGirl
SulafaA name that means wine choicestGirl
SulafahA choicest wineGirl
SulaimaA flawless girl who is safe and soundGirl
SuleymaA safe personGirl
SulwaThings and people who bring happinessGirl
SumaraA woman who enternainsGirl
SumayraShe is like a little fruitGirl
SumbalA delicate and frail womanGirl
SumiyaA woman of beautyGirl
SumlinaA woman who is frail and very delicateGirl
SummaiyyaShe is a pure womanGirl
SumraShe who is like a summer fruitGirl
SumrahA woman who is like a heavenGirl
SunboolA Muslim name meaning a spike of grainGirl
SunbulA very delicate frail womanGirl
SundasShe has the Dress of HeavenGirl
SunyaShe is the brightness of the sunshineGirl
SuraA woman who travels by nightGirl
SurrayaShe who is like the Sun, like the brightest starGirl
SuwaybahA name of one of the Prophet Pbuh's wet-nursesGirl
SwalehaOne who is a good personGirl
TamadurA woman of brillianceGirl
TamazurShe who is a brilliant whitenessGirl
TameemiyaA perfect womanGirl
TamimaShe is a complete womanGirl
TanzilaOne who comes from the heavensGirl
TaqiyaShe who fears GodGirl
TaqiyahShe who is heedful of GodGirl
TaqwaDevotion to GodGirl
TaqwaaHeedfulness to GodGirl
TaribA lively, happy womanGirl
TaskinOne who gives peace or satisfactionGirl
TaslimaOne who salutesGirl
TasneemaA fountain of paradiseGirl
TaufeerMuslim name describing abundance of somethingGirl
TaymaAn oasisGirl
TayyabaA pleasant womanGirl
TayyebahA chaste womanGirl
TayyibaGood-natured girlGirl
TayyibahA chaste womanGirl
TazimaOne who is glorifiedGirl
ThabsheeraTo hear good newsGirl
Thara'The wealthy oneGirl
TharwahA rich girlGirl
ThashinThe acclaimed oneGirl
ThasniA riverGirl
ThurayyaaA shining starGirl
ThuwaibahShe who deserves God's giftsGirl
TibahWoman full of kindnessGirl
TibbiShe who is pladged to GodGirl
UlzhalgasSon, boy continuationGirl
A'ishahthe one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living'Girl
A'dabthe person who brings hope to the familyGirl
A'idahSomething of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
AabidaThis can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worshiper, devotee, adorerGirl
AabirahSomething that is fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.Girl
AabishName of Sa'd's daughter. Also the name of a queen of Iran.Girl
AadabName aadab has a meaning of Hope and need. The person who brings hope to the familyGirl
Aadilathe female counterpart of aadil, which means a person with justified moralityGirl
Aadinathe name aadina has a meaning of delicate, slender it also has a meaning of FridayGirl
AaeedahThe name means Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
Aaeeshathe word has the meaning of She who lives" or "womanly"Girl
AafiaThe name signifies the person who cool and composed and free from all worriesGirl
Aafiyahthe word means Healthy, or it signifies the person who has a state of well beingGirl
AafiyatHealth, freedom from illness.Girl
Aafreedathe name signifies a person who is just put to existence or producedGirl
AafreenAfareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means "to praise", "to give thanks", "to congratulate", it is also an expression of praise and gratitudeGirl
Aailathe word aaila means Beautiful, attractive and possessing charm just like a moonGirl
Aaimaaaima means the one who is supreme leader or the one who leads or conductsGirl
Aainah (आईना)MirrorGirl
Aairathe one who is worthy of respect, who is noble and honorableGirl
Aaishaathe name means the one who is alive or living his life to the fullestGirl
Aakifahthe name aakifah means means "one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah", "one who stays away from people to dedicate himself to Allah"Girl
AalaThis means having a quality of being generous, bounties, ample or plentifulGirl
AalaaThe one who has a great values or quality, highest in the worldGirl
AaleyahThe one having superior social standing and the one exalted, of high esteemGirl
AaliaThe one having superior social standing and the one exalted, of high esteemGirl
AalimahA woman of high stature and authority. A female scholar.Girl
Aalinthe name means "beautiful, calm, fair, graceful, serene."Girl
Aalinaaalina has a greek origin which means LightGirl
Aaliyathe one who is excellent, and of high position who is supremeGirl
Aaliyahthe name means To Ascend, High, Lofty, Sublime, Highly Exalted, Tall, Towering, The High, Exalted OneGirl
AalyaThe one who is very smooth soft and sereneGirl
AamaalThe word means the belief or expectation or aspirationGirl
Aamalthe word means to get to work or stay in motionGirl
AamaneeThe good desire, Hope or a sound blessingGirl
AamilahOne who always does what's right. A righteous woman.Girl
AaminaThis was the name of mother of prophet MuhammadGirl
Aamina beeThe one who is blessed with the grace of godGirl
AaminabeeThe one who is blessed with the grace of godGirl
AaminahSafe and secureGirl
AamiraThe superior or being prosperous and abundantGirl
Aamirahthe one having residing in a divine place, close to godGirl
Aamnathe state of tranquility and harmonyGirl
AaniAani was the name of a poetess and scholar in Qastaniniyah.Girl
AanisahPious-hearted lady, one who is good-natured.Girl
Aaniyathe meaning of aaniya is affectionate, Caring and consolerGirl
AaqilahA woman who is extremely intelligent.Girl
Aarathe person who can be adored, adoringGirl
Aaraathe act of adoring or embellishingGirl
AarifaOne endowed with great knowledge.Girl
Aaseamahthe one who is protectorGirl
AaseayahA deep thinker, having an appearance of deep thinkerGirl
AaseemahThe person having the spirit to protect and guide othersGirl
AaseeyahFull of yearning or thoughtfulGirl
AaseiyahOne who tends and heals the weak and poorGirl
AasemahA guardian angelGirl
AaseyahOne who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console & comfortGirl
Aasfathe protector or the sole guardianGirl
AasieyahThis name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great successGirl
AasimaProtector and defenderGirl
AasimahSomeone who guards, watches over or protectsGirl
AasiraBrave, strong and powerful fighter who can conquer & imprison enemiesGirl
AasiyaGoodness or the one who is very hopefulGirl
AasiyahPharaoh's Wife who Embraced IslamGirl
AasmaThe one who is regarded with love and tendernessGirl
AasmaaExcellent; preciousGirl
AasymahThe one who is a Protector and GuardianGirl
AatifaAffection and SympathyGirl
AatikahKind and affectionateGirl
Aatoonan Educator, TeachersGirl
Aatunthe Guardian, one who teachesGirl
AayahGenerally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam's principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse.Girl
Aa'idahName of a female narrator of Hadith.Girl
Abadisomeone who is ImmortalGirl
AbanaThis Biblical name means strong personality made with a stoneGirl
Abannaa girl being Tall, StrongGirl
Abannahbeing Tall, having strengthGirl
Abarrbeing a devout, God fearingGirl
Abarranebeing Mother of multitudeGirl
AbasahName of Al-Mahdi's daughter.Girl
AbashshSomeone Friendly, TalkativeGirl
AbazirSpices, HerbsGirl
Abbadthe name has a meaning of spices, Sweet HerbsGirl
Abbagaylebeing dad's favourite daughterGirl
AbbiegayleBeing father's JoyGirl
Abdabeing really ExtraordinaryGirl
Abdahbeing Worshipper of AllahGirl
AbeedahA devout worshipperGirl
AbeeraA great mixture of rose petals as well as sandal saffron in fragranceGirl
AbidahWorshipper, devoteeGirl
AbihaHer father, or father of herGirl
AbilaBeautiful and healthy.Girl
AbiyaA great or a splendid personGirl
AbiyahA smart of beautiful girlGirl
Abla'Perfectly formedGirl
AblaaPerfectly formedGirl
AblahPerfectly formedGirl
AbqariAn ingenious person, multi-coloredGirl
AbqurahA woman with a genius mind.Girl
AbraExample, lessonGirl
AbreshminaA spotted gemstone, a gemstone that has spotGirl
AbroudA fair and beautiful girl.Girl
AbruAn honour or the dignity of a personGirl
AbyarTo accept or something acceptedGirl
AdaletTurkish - JusticeGirl
AdilaArabic - Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A variant of name AdilGirl
AdlaArabic - Justice; Honest; Hebrew - My OrnamentGirl
AdorinaOne who helpsGirl
AfeenForgiveness or one of a forgiving nature.Girl
AfeerahSomething covered with soil or dust.Girl
AferinAferin is a variant of Afrin and means lucky or trustworthy.Girl
AfifaArabic - Chaste; Modest; Righteous; A variant spelling is Afeefa; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to GodGirl
AfriName of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-lawGirl
AfshanAfghan - To Sprinkle; Glitter; Adornment AidsGirl
AfshanehSprinkling or scatteringGirl
AhinKurdish word for wholeGirl
AibalaMoon childGirl
AibanuMoon ladyGirl
AidaSomething of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
AidanaWise moonGirl
AiganymMoon princessGirl
AigerimOne who is very beautifulGirl
AigharA religious and righteous woman.Girl
AimanTo congratulate.Girl
Aishathe one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living'Girl
AjeebahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
AjnaReal or originalGirl
AjšaBosnian version of Aisha. It means alive or healthy.Girl
AjwanA small gulfGirl
AkbotaWhite baby-camelGirl
AkerkeA spoiled and mischievous childGirl
AkifahA woman who likes to stay busy and occupied.Girl
AlalKurdish word for red roseGirl
AlayaArabic - High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely Beautiful;Girl
AlezaJoy or daughter of AliGirl
AlimaArabic - Learned; Wise; Cultured; Intelligent; Educated and IntellectualGirl
AlmedinaOne who is devoted to faith or one who is civilized.Girl
AltynayGolden moonGirl
AmaalHopes and expectations.Girl
AmayahA woman who is close to GodGirl
AmberleeArabic - A Precious Jewel; A Jewel-quality Fossilized Resin; It refers to a colour name which is shade of warm honeyGirl
AmberlyArabic - Amber; A precious Jewel; A Jewel quality fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The JewelsGirl
AmberlynArabic - A Jewel; A combination of names Amber and Lynn; A Jewel-quality FossilizeGirl
AmberlynnArabic - A Jewel; A combination of names Amber and Lynn; A Jewel-quality FossilizeGirl
AmbraArabic - Amber; A precious Jewel; A Jewel quality fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The JewelsGirl
AmeenaArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AmeenahArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AmelaWork or effort.Girl
AmenaArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AmilahOne who keeps her hope alive at every situation, hopeful.Girl
AminehArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AminiaArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AminifuA woman who is faithful.Girl
AnadiaSomething that's delicate, moist and tender.Girl
AngavuShining oneGirl
AngezaThe one who puts reason and logic in everything.Girl
AnoudBrave, strong and courageous.Girl
AnoushehEverlasting or immortalGirl
AnsharahWhen the heart becomes open, relief and relaxation.Girl
ApanaPashto term for almond, also used as a baby girl nameGirl
AqidahFaith or belief in something.Girl
AqsaaUtmost, farthest or the pinnacle.Girl
ArafaaName of a mountain close to Mecca.Girl
AreebaBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant spelling is AreebahGirl
AreebahBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant of name AreebaGirl
ArezoWish or desireGirl
ArfaanaWise, wisdom and decisiveness. A wise and intelligent woman.Girl
ArifaKnowledgeable; Learned; Well Educated; Arafa and Areefa are variant form of ArifaGirl
ArjinFire of lifeGirl
ArminehDesire, or goalGirl
AroofaKnowledgeable, patient and wise woman.Girl
AroosOne who is extraordinarily beautifulGirl
ArramHigh or high placeGirl
ArubiyyahOne who is fluent, eloquent.Girl
ArwaaSoftness, lightnessGirl
AsalahPurity; Nobility of descentGirl
AsaliMade of honeyGirl
AseAse is a variation of Asa and means doctor.Girl
AshakiOne who is beautifulGirl
AshoftaOne who is excited, anxious and confused in love.Girl
AshyaPious; A variant of the name Ashiya; Life and alive; A variant of name AsheyaGirl
AtafahOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteebahSomething that is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AteefOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteefahOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteeraFragrant, or like perfume.Girl
AtfahShe who is compassionate and affectionate.Girl
AtifaEmpathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic; CompassionateGirl
AtiyyatullahThe gift from Allah.Girl
AttaFather; Twin; A variant spelling is Ataa; Ancestor, forerunner and forefather in TurkishGirl
AttarahPerfume seller or perfume maker.Girl
AtubahOne who is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AwaidiaA consolerGirl
AwaishaOne who is having a good life.Girl
AwamilaAn active and industrious woman.Girl
AwamiraLong livedGirl
AwarifA woman who is intelligent, wise, and knowledgeable.Girl
AwiraAn interesting personalityGirl
AwjaPinnacle, top, or the highest point.Girl
AyakozOne with beautiful eyesGirl
AyanehLike a long night.Girl
Ayishahthe one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living'Girl
AymelekMoon angelGirl
AynoorA beautiful and gorgeous woman.Girl
AyperiMoon fairyGirl
AyyubiaA woman who is like prophet Ayyub in patience.Girl
AzadeFree and independentGirl
AzariVirgin or maiden, a chaste woman.Girl
AzarnoushRight in faithGirl
AzayizOne who is mighty, powerful and respectable.Girl
AzbahA variant of Azeebah, meaning fresh and sweet.Girl
AzeebahSomething or someone that's fresh or sweet.Girl
AzrahSupport, help or protection.Girl
AzzaaFemale gazelleGirl
BaarizahA prominent personality.Girl
BadahA person who is broad minded.Girl
BadeeaShe who is smart, creative and innovative.Girl
BadeedaSpecimen or example.Girl
BadihaIntuition or instinct.Girl
BadiyahA Sindhi term for desert.Girl
BadrahTo be early or to be ahead of others.Girl
BadraiBadrai is the name of a fairy in a famous Arabic fairy tale. It means full moon.Girl
BaghishaLight rain affecting a small area.Girl
BaharanSpring or springtime.Girl
BahayahBeauty and radiance.Girl
BaheelaA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheenahA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheerahAn extremely beautiful and radiant woman.Girl
BahijahOne who has taken birth to serve GodGirl
BahiraOne who is born with brilliant beautyGirl
BahiriyaBrilliant, prominent, and renownedGirl
BahisaSeeker, explorer and learner.Girl
BahiyyahRadiant and beautiful.Girl
BahnazThe most lovable.Girl
BaileetOne of the Assyrian goddess.Girl
BakhtawaraA baby girl born with tremendous luckGirl
BalbalaPashto term for bulbul or nightingaleGirl
BalganymA lady as sweet as honeyGirl
BanafsajViolent FlowerGirl
BanafshahA Flower (Violet)Girl
BanahTall, slender and attractiveGirl
BananFinger TipsGirl
BanouFemale; Lady; PrincessGirl
BanujahThe Daughter of Al-mahdiGirl
BaqiyyahOne who is everlastingGirl
BaraaA ExcellingGirl
Baraa'AExcel in any fieldGirl
BaraimBlossom; Bud; Plural of BurumGirl
BareeaInnocent; Blameless; Guiltless; Sound; Feminine of BariGirl
Bariahdoing extremely wellGirl
BariatBeautiful and Witty WomanGirl
BarikaBloom, Be SuccessfulGirl
BariqaLightning, shining or fast.Girl
BarirahReligious, Spiritual, holyGirl
BarjaWith Beautiful EyesGirl
BarjabeenA bright star.Girl
BarraqaBright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine of BarraqGirl
BarzahName of a female narrator of Hadith.Girl
BasaariaBeautiful; PriorGirl
BasbasBasbas was the name of Ibn Nafees's slave. She was beautiful and had a melodious voice.Girl
BaseemaSmiling; SpringGirl
Baseerainsight, wisdom, clear proofGirl
BashairGood OmensGirl
BasheeraBringer Of Good TidingsGirl
BashigaJoyful and happy human beingGirl
BashiraJoyful; Predictor of Good NewsGirl
BashirahBringer of Good Tidings; Glad Tiding; Happy News; JoyGirl
BashiyraJoyful newsGirl
BasilahBrave; FearlessGirl
BasimaBasima is SmilingGirl
BasinahKitty, KittenGirl
BasiraWise. Intelligent, intellectualGirl
BasirahVision; Sight, visualizationGirl
BasmGrin, smile,Girl
BasmaA Beam, Shaft of lightGirl
BasmahA SmileGirl
BasmatA SmileGirl
BasoosShe was the DaughterGirl
BassamatOne who smilesGirl
BassimaA Smile, blissful, pleasurableGirl
BathshiraSeventh Girl-childGirl
BathsiraArabic name for girlsGirl
BatimaKazakh form of Fatimah, meaning to abstainGirl
BatinaInner, internal, insideGirl
BatinahSomething hidden or innate.Girl
BatoolAscetic Virgin; MaidenGirl
BatoulVirgin, untouched, pristineGirl
BatrisyiaIntelligent, clever, intelactualGirl
BatulSevere Virgin, strictly untouchedGirl
BatulaVirgin,untainted, immaculateGirl
Baysanto walk with prideGirl
BazalaGenerous WomanGirl
BazeghaBright, brilliant, vividGirl
BazifTo be proud of something.Girl
BazlaReward; GenerousGirl
BazmaraBeauty of CompanyGirl
BazriqaExalted; GreatGirl
BecharaGood NewsGirl
BeebeeWife; the settlement of BeeGirl
BeenaA musical instrument; a far sighted human beingGirl
BeguA ladyGirl
BegumPrincess; LadyGirl
BehnazBest CoquetryGirl
BehrokhBest FaceGirl
BenazirUnequalled, Matchless, UniqueGirl
BenaziraA girl with no comparisonGirl
BeneshWisdom or intellect.Girl
BereziraOne who is full of Intelligence.Girl
BerinBlond, fair; quick and active individualGirl
BerinaBest, highestGirl
BesimaOne who is always smiling, and happyGirl
BetoolAscetic Virgin; MaidenGirl
BetulAscetic Virgin; MaidenGirl
BeyzaTurkish name meaning "white" or "pure"Girl
BhajatSplendour; Magnificence; Pomp; Joy; HappinessGirl
BibsbebeLady, femaleGirl
BidaIncomparable WomenGirl
BiddaA woman who can't be compared to any other woman, an unique and special oneGirl
BihinBetter or best than others.Girl
BikhtirOne who has a Graceful GaitGirl
BilqeesThe Queen of ShebaGirl
BinnazA Thousand Blandishments, I.E. CharmingGirl
BintDaughter; FemaleGirl
BintulbahrDaughter of the SeaGirl
BirrahGood DeedGirl
BisharahName of a female narrator of Hadith.Girl
BismaBisma is UnknownGirl
BolourA woman who is like a crystalGirl
BotagozEye of the baby camelGirl
BrekhnaLightning or lightning boltGirl
BudurThe time of the Full MoonGirl
BuhairahShe who is the sea, the ocen and the riverGirl
BuhaysahA woman who narrates HadithGirl
BuhayyahName of a freed female slave.Girl
BukhdanSomething that's sleek, smooth and tender.Girl
BulanA moon and the month in indonesianGirl
BunanahName of Yazid Al-Abshamiyah's daughter.Girl
BuqayrahName of a female narrator of Hadith.Girl
BurakhdatA woman who is flashyGirl
BurcuA sweet smelling womanGirl
BurhumatA girl gentle as a flowerbudGirl
Burzin KurushHigh rank or high status.Girl
BusainaA little pretty and delightful oneGirl
BusaynaA gorgeous little ladyGirl
BushraOne who bring the happy newsGirl
BusrahShe was Prophet's companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah.Girl
BusynaA worshiper and ascetic of BasrahGirl
ByrganymThe one lady or queenGirl
CailieSlim and darling beloved womanGirl
CalianaA princess for whom a place was built in SpainGirl
CaliannaA princess. A splendid place in SPain was built for herGirl
CancandancAllah's lightGirl
CantaraOne who comes from the small bridgeGirl
CariaShe who flows like a waterGirl
CasparaShe who is the keeper of treasureGirl
ChaghamaA type of folk music in Afghanistan.Girl
DaaniaBeautiful personGirl
DaarinaLovely and beautifulGirl
DafiyahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
DamiraHeart, mind or secretGirl
DamsaA silk of white color.Girl
DanisharaOne who always learnsGirl
DarejaniA form of Darejan, meaning uniqueGirl
DarigaPity, regret or surpriseGirl
DarsameenValuable, expensive, and costly.Girl
DasiaLebanese term for daisy flower, excellenceGirl
DaumaaSea or ocean.Girl
DelalSweetheart, dear or beautifulGirl
DelkashAttraction, charm and fascination.Girl
DersimaThe name comes from Kurdish city Dersim.Girl
DhakirahThe one who remembers God frequently.Girl
DhiaSplendor or glow.Girl
DiblinThe fragrance of soul.Girl
DilaRight from the heart.Girl
DilnazKudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.Girl
DilvaFrom the heart.Girl
DiqrahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
DjinA courageous and head-strong person who will never escape hard work and struggle.Girl
DoaaTo Pray, a voice of heart ,Source of connection with God.Girl
DurdanahGold, ruby or pearl.Girl
DurkhanaiGem. It's also the name of the heroine of famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw DurkhanaiGirl
DurnazBeautiful like pearls, adorableGirl
Durr-e-ShahwarKings worthy pearl.Girl
DželilaOne who is respected and famous.Girl
DžemilaBosnian version of Jamila, meaning beautiful.Girl
DženetaIslamic paradiseGirl
DževadaShe who is generous or exceptional.Girl
EbrahWisdom to learn from experience.Girl
EcrinReward, Gift of GodGirl
EdriceA prosperous rulerGirl
EffatVirtue, or chastityGirl
ElfesyaA girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess, fairy or princessGirl
ElmedinaA variant of Almedina, meaning one who is devoted to faith or civilizedGirl
ElnaraPeople, country, nationGirl
Elzinathis name means woman or god is my oath.Girl
Emagineit means image of her mother or innocent or blameless.Girl
Emariethis name means someone who is faithful.Girl
Emelit means desire.Girl
Emineit means one who is fearless and courageous.Girl
Emma DilHeart's WishGirl
Emmariea faithful or truthful person.Girl
Emmarya person who can be believed or who has faith; a faithful person.Girl
EmmitaSweet motherGirl
EnasOne with a friendly and jovial demeanor.Girl
Enessqueen of beauty.Girl
Engya beautiful queen.Girl
EnisaFriend or companionGirl
Ereshvaa righteous being.Girl
Ersheengod's beauty.Girl
Erumit means heaven.Girl
Esanaa feminized word meaning to safeguard.Girl
EshaalEnlivened or excited, to enliven or excite.Girl
EsinInspiration, an inspirational woman.Girl
Esmeraya dark moon.Girl
Esrait means more or quick.Girl
Ettimyrtle or bride or star.Girl
Ettiea word which means a star or bride or myrtle.Girl
Ettraa queen of beauty.Girl
EuphratesThe great riverGirl
EzdeharA flourishing young womanGirl
FaarihaA joyful and cheerful girlGirl
FaatimaA captivating woman who is abstinatingGirl
FaatinA woman who captivates your attentionGirl
FaatinaShe cativates the eyeGirl
FaatinahA woman who is facsinating peopleGirl
FadeelahOne who is learned and distinguished.Girl
FadelaA woman who is known for her great honorGirl
FadiaA woman who is a redeemerGirl
FadilaA woman who gives generouslyGirl
FadilahShe is a generous giverGirl
FadiyahA heroic and gallant womanGirl
FaeezahA woman who is a leader of peopleGirl
FahadaA woman who is like a panterGirl
FahamA deeply perceptive and astute womanGirl
FahdahA girl who is gorgeous like a leopardGirl
FahhamaA woman of great knowledgeGirl
FahimaA woman of great intelligence and knowledgeGirl
FahimahShe who knows a lot and is a very smart personGirl
FahmaraA girl with a great intellectGirl
FahretaFame, greatness, brilliance.Girl
FaiqaA siblime woman of high statusGirl
FaiqahA successful woman.Girl
FakhtahSindhi term for dove.Girl
FakihahA Sindhi fruit.Girl
FarahnoushOne who is always happy, or one who is always joyous.Girl
FarashahA girl who is like a butterflyGirl
FareedaAn unparalleled and unique womanGirl
FareenaA kind, merciful and charming young womanGirl
FarhanahA very happy womanGirl
FarhannahHappy or blissful.Girl
Fari'ahA woman with good natureGirl
FaribaA woman who plays tricks on peopleGirl
FaridehOne who is delightful and uniqueGirl
FarihaA woman happy and joyfulGirl
FariishtaOne who is well-mannered and kindGirl
FariyalA woman who is like an angelGirl
FarkhandaOne who is blessed whith happinessGirl
FarkhandahA happy and lucky womanGirl
FarkhandeA blessed and happy womanGirl
FarkhondahOne with grat luck and happinessGirl
FarkhondehOne who is happy, and joyous.Girl
FaroshanAn Arabic female nameGirl
FarrahA hapy feelingGirl
FarsirisA royal girl, a princessGirl
FarwahA name of the companionsGirl
FaryalAn angel-like womanGirl
FarzanahIntelligent, smart and wise womanGirl
FarzanehA wise woman.Girl
FarzeenA Queen who rulesGirl
FarzinA woman QueenGirl
FaseelahA Sindhi term for some distanceGirl
FasihaA woman who is eloquentGirl
FatanOne who is charmingGirl
FatatYouth girl or early maturity.Girl
FatemahA chaste womanGirl
FatemehA captivating chaste womanGirl
FatenA woman of great charmGirl
FathiaTo achieve victoryGirl
FathimaA woman who abstainsGirl
FathiyaTo fight and winGirl
FathiyyaA great victorGirl
FatihaOne who is victoriousGirl
FatihahA conqueror, one who startsGirl
FatimA mother who brest feedsGirl
FatimaA captivating womanGirl
FatimeShe who captivatesGirl
FatimiCaptivating womanGirl
Fatin or FatinahA woman who is captivatinGirl
FatinaA perceptive and intelligent womanGirl
FatinahAn alluring and fascinating womanGirl
FatmaA woman who captivatesGirl
FatoumataA woman who abstainsGirl
FattanaA very beautiful, gorgeous womanGirl
FattimA prophet's female chindGirl
FauqiyahA woman of high gradesGirl
FawhaOne who is like a breath of parfumeGirl
FawzaAn accomplished and victorious womanGirl
FawzahShe is a winner and a successGirl
FawziaA woman who is winningGirl
FawziyaShe is a successful womanGirl
FawziyyaA woman of great successGirl
FawziyyahShe is one of great successGirl
FaydaOne who has plentyGirl
FayruzOne who has the eyes of the turquoise gemstoneGirl
FayzaA victorious femaleGirl
FazalahA praiseworthy and excellent womanGirl
FazaratA woman who is like a leopardGirl
FazeelaA faithful and virtuous womanGirl
FazeenAn increasing, something that gets biggerGirl
FaziaShe is successfull and a victorGirl
FazilaA superb, generous and noble womanGirl
FazilatunnisaA woman's excellenceGirl
FazziletTo have Allah's blessingsGirl
FehmeedaThe one who has a clever mind.Girl
FeiyazOne who reached successGirl
FellahA girl who is like a flower JasmineGirl
FemeA name of loveGirl
FemidaThe one wise womanGirl
FerayThe Moon's radianceGirl
FeraziaHigh, lofty, elevated or tall.Girl
FerhanaOne leading a comfortable life.Girl
FerwaPassion, fondness, desire or longing.Girl
FeryalOne who has the beauty of the lightGirl
FiddaOne who is like as sliverGirl
FiddahA silvery womanGirl
FirouzehTurquoise stone or color.Girl
ForamA fragrance or a pleasant aromaGirl
FoziahOne who is victorious and successful.Girl
FreshtaA variant of 'Farsishta', it means an angelGirl
FudaylA learned or scholarly woman.Girl
FusaylahA Sindhi term for some distanceGirl
FuseelahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
GabinaHoney or as sweet as honey. A girl with sweet dispositionGirl
GalianaThe name of a moorish princessGirl
GhadaGraceful young girlGirl
GhalibahA woman of dominating nature.Girl
GhareebahStrange or foreignGirl
GhashmiraLiberty, generosity, munificenceGirl
GhitbahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
GhumraLebanese term for saffron or yellow color.Girl
GhunchaA bunch of flowersGirl
GhuzayyahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
GizemOne who is mysterious, mysteriousGirl
GrahatiGrahati is the name of God lakshmi. God lakshmi is the god of money.Girl
GrahinGrahi means the accepting girl. A girl whose everything is accepted by the world.Girl
GuitaWorld or universe. It's also a kind of song.Girl
Gul BanoGul Bano is the name of the Princess of flowers.Girl
Gul Makai"Gul Makai is the name of the heroine of the famous folk tale ""Musa Khan aw Gul Makai"""Girl
Gul WarinThe name is derived from Gulwari and means the one who sprinkles flower.Girl
Gul-e-ranaA sweet smelling rose.Girl
GulaishaAlive flowerGirl
GulaiymFlower ladyGirl
GulaynaA combination of flower and mirrorGirl
GulbadamFlower, or as beautiful as flowerGirl
GulbatiraFlower at the mountain summitGirl
GuldanaFlower combined with wise, educated and learnedGirl
GulfeshanA sweet smelling rose.Girl
GulmiraFlower princessGirl
GulnoorThe light of flower, light or radiance.Girl
HaboosName of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in Lebanon.Girl
HajiraThe wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Name of Prophet Ismaeel's mother.Girl
HajjahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
HajnaName of Nusayb's daughter. She was a poetess.Girl
HakimahA wise and judicious woman.Girl
HalifaFriend, or ones who always stay together.Girl
HamdiyaA woman with a noble and admirable personality.Girl
HamiaOne with a sense of honor.Girl
HamnahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
HaniahOf happiness and blissGirl
HareemThe walls of the house of Kaaba.Girl
HarumA woman who smells good.Girl
HazeemaOne who is wise and intelligent.Girl
HelaiHelai is a Pashto word for swanGirl
HerchembautA woman warrior in the armyGirl
HijrahTo move to another place, a migrationGirl
HiranurLight of the diamondGirl
HiyamA feeling of love, to love someoneGirl
HooriyahBeautiful and radiant angel.Girl
HoriyaAngel or a black eyed heavenly nymph.Girl
HudunA woman who is quietGirl
Hunaidahsmall of hindgirl
HunoonA compassionate and loving woman.Girl
HuraWoman who has freedomGirl
HuriyahShe who is the virgin of the paradiseGirl
HuriyyahShe is an angelGirl
HusainaA beautiful womanGirl
HusayDeer or gazelle, a small and slender antelope with curved hornsGirl
HusnA beauty, graceGirl
HusnaraA grooming beauty of womanGirl
HusniyyaA muslim name for girlsGirl
HutunAhe is like a rainy cloudGirl
HuzzaMuslim girl nameGirl
IbharOpen like the oceanGirl
IbratWisdom to learn from experience.Girl
IbthajJoy, a girl who brings joy wherever she goes.Girl
IbtihalSupplication and prayer.Girl
IbtisamSmile, a girl with a smiling face.Girl
IeishaAlive or she who lives.Girl
IfetaInnocent, virtuousGirl
IffaaOne who keeps her faith alive.Girl
IffahA pure and modest girl.Girl
IhkamExcellence, or mastery,Girl
IlhanaMelody, inspiration or compositionGirl
IlliyeenHigh status, or exalted.Girl
IlmaKnowledge and intelligence.Girl
ImamaLeadership or command. One with leadership qualities.Girl
ImtihalA polite and obedient girl.Girl
ImtithalPolite obedienceGirl
InayaConcern, CareGirl
IndeelaLike a nightingale.Girl
InjilaShining, brilliant, glittering and glisteningGirl
IqalaA woman who is humble and modest.Girl
IrajFlower or blossom.Girl
IremGardens in heavenGirl
IrhaaTo make calm or To make sereneGirl
IrmelaOne who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant.Girl
IsmetaInnocent, saved from sin.Girl
IzdiharFlourishing, bloomingGirl
IzetaPower, influenceGirl
IzlaName of a river.Girl
IzzatiRespect, honor, prestige.Girl
I'timadReliance or dependence.Girl
JabalahMusafh's daughterGirl
JabirahOne who consols othersGirl
JabmenA woman with a big forheadGirl
JadwaShe was a gif, a presentGirl
JahaanShe is the whole worldGirl
Jahan AaraAdornment of the world.Girl
Jahan-araShe is the Queen of the UnoverseGirl
JahanaaraShe is the worldGirl
JahidaA har working womanGirl
JahinA woman with a good pedigreeGirl
JaibrianJaibrian means blue bird, Strength and NobleGirl
JaiminStrifes to Triumph; Victory; One who succeedsGirl
JalynA jay birdGirl
JalynnGod may protectGirl
JalynneModern American nameGirl
JamaGod is graciousGirl
JamilaBeautiful; A variant spelling is GamilaGirl
JasrahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
JazaaRecompense, reward for good deeds.Girl
JenabMalay form of Zaynab, meaning a father's precious jewel.Girl
JendayiThankful; To give thanks;Girl
JinaniHeavenly, or from Paradise.Girl
JohiName of a flower called Jasmine,having unique fragranceGirl
JoyahMalay form of Zoya, meaning life.Girl
JumaymahName of a female companion.Girl
JuwariyahName of Prophet Muhammad's wife.Girl
KaamehGoal, wishGirl
KaamishaA happy soul.Girl
KaamnooshSweet wish or, sweet desireGirl
KaasheenA place north of Ilam in Iran.Girl
KabraHoary, Heinous, Cardinal; WhiteGirl
KahkashanStars; Galaxy;Girl
KahnayA spontaneous and dedicated beingGirl
KaiahThe name Kaiah in Native American means Little but Wise and in Greek means PureGirl
KaialaKaiala name means Pure and TortureGirl
KaidaKaida means Little DragonGirl
KalamkasBlack eyebrows or thin eyebrowsGirl
KarlygashThe swallow birdGirl
KaroA bird, Pashto term for Mayna birdGirl
KashmA historical and mythical Persian princessGirl
KashwiniKashwini means StarGirl
KashyapiKashyapi name means EarthGirl
KasiKasi name means The one who comes from the Holy CityGirl
KasiaKasia means Bright, PureGirl
KasieKasie name means AlertGirl
KauserA River in Paradise; A Fountain in HeavenGirl
KejeA girl of radiant beautyGirl
KetifaFlowering; BloomingGirl
KhaistaPashto version of Shaista, meaning beautifulGirl
KhannahA merciful woman.Girl
KhaperaiA girl as beautiful and dainty as a fairyGirl
KhatijahA name generally given to premature child.Girl
KhatunaLady or womanGirl
KhkulayA girl who is extremely beautifulGirl
KhudeejaA girl who is born before she is due, early baby, or premature baby.Girl
KhuludImmortality; EternalGirl
Khush BakhtProsperity, fortunate, or good luck.Girl
Khush BakhtaA girl with a happy luckGirl
KhwagaSweet, a girl with sweet natureGirl
KinaazPride of the king, or a princess who makes her father proud.Girl
KiswarNation, country or realm.Girl
KunsuluBeauty or beautifulGirl
KuntumFlower budGirl
KushaanehA girl who strivesGirl
KymbatExpensive, precious, dearGirl
LaibaFemale of the Haven; Prettiest Woman in all the heavensGirl
LalmaA piece of land that defends only on rainGirl
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality.Girl
LarminaBlue skyGirl
LashynPeregrine falconGirl
LatipahOne who is gentle and kind.Girl
LawitaProtect by keeping a close watchGirl
LilisOf the nightGirl
LimeesSomething that's tender, delicate and soft to touch.Girl
LunaraKazakh short form of Gulnara It means flower, rose and pomegranateGirl
LyazzatSweet, pleasant, beautifulGirl
MaaribEnd goalsGirl
MabruraA pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.Girl
MaeenSpring of waterGirl
MaeenaOne who takes care of others.Girl
MahaGazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to AmunGirl
MahiaLife and earthGirl
MahvashOne who is moon like.Girl
MahzalaBrightness of moon.Girl
MajedahNoble or gloriousGirl
MakhabbatLove or affectionGirl
MalghalaraPashto word for pearlGirl
MannalAttainment, or achievementGirl
MaramiSympathetic; Aspiration; A variant of the name MaramGirl
MaramiyaSympathetic; Aspiration; A variant of the name MaramGirl
MardinaShe who is righteous and just.Girl
MarjanitaDaughter of the sea.Girl
MarnitaTo put in front of one's eyesGirl
MarzhanPearl or coralGirl
MashaelSources of light, light or radiance.Girl
MawizaGuidance, admonition, word of encouragement.Girl
MaziaSoft and suppleGirl
MedyaLand of MedesGirl
MehrbanoPrincess of the waterGirl
MehrvashLike the sun.Girl
MelihaA beautiful and pretty woman.Girl
MemonaBlessings, one who is thriving and prosperous.Girl
MerjanLebanese term for diamond or pearl.Girl
MersadaWatchtower or supervisionGirl
MeyirzhanA kind soulGirl
MiltaTalk or conversation.Girl
MinetaOne who is merciful and generous.Girl
MirayGlowing like a moonGirl
MizginEvangel or good news.Girl
MojdehGood news or one who brings good news.Girl
Moldirtransparent, cleanGirl
MubarakaBlessed, sacred, and blissful.Girl
MubdiaOne who is smart, creative and innovative.Girl
MuberaShe who is innocent and respected.Girl
MuhaiminA protectorGirl
MuminahFeminine believerGirl
MunahOne who is favored by destiny.Girl
MunawaraAn enlightened and wise womanGirl
MunibaOne who is devoted to God.Girl
MuniraGlowing, illuminatedGirl
MurisaOne who leaves inheritanceGirl
MustikaA talisman or a magical stone.Girl
MuzhirahPlant whose flowers are opening, blooming.Girl
NageenahPrecious stoneGirl
NaghmaA melody or musical note.Girl
NahalA young plantGirl
NangialaiAn honorable and notable womanGirl
Nazabeloved or sweetheart.Girl
NazoSomeone who is whimsy and beautiful. It's the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th century.Girl
NazraGlow and happiness of a person's face.Girl
NdariFull moonGirl
NedžaraDear or beloved.Girl
NejraSparkle or shineGirl
NerminaA variant of Nermana, meaning hero.Girl
NestaniA form of Nestan, meaning uniqueGirl
NiazminaA girl who dear one or apple of the eyeGirl
NigarishOne who's always on the mind, vision, or fantasy.Girl
NihadaCharacter, temperGirl
NijahA beautiful rose.Girl
NijazaWish or needGirl
NisvetaBosnian term for woman.Girl
NiđaraShe who is loved by all.Girl
NoushAfrinThe creator of joyGirl
NoushinehA musical tone of old Persian music.Girl
NuralainBrightness, light, radiance or bringer of happinessGirl
NurbakytLight and happinessGirl
NurgulRadiant roseGirl
NurlanLight combined with soldier guardGirl
NursuluLight, illuminationGirl
NusretaVictory or helpGirl
OrzalaThe light and brightness emitted by fire.Girl
OtyliaAn individual who smells and looks like a roseGirl
PaksimaOne with an innocent face.Girl
ParigulAngel of flowers.Girl
PariwarshA girl who is as beautiful as a fairyGirl
PariwishFairy faced, or angelic beauty.Girl
ParkhaDew or tiny droplets of water falling at nightGirl
ParniyanSoft silk, a dress made of soft silk.Girl
PašaA rank in military system.Girl
PeghraTo praise or someone worthy of a praiseGirl
PelinLittle leafGirl
PermazWaiting, wait.Girl
PersengName of a starGirl
PerveenPleiades or cluster of stars.Girl
QabitaName of an ancient Egyptian woman.Girl
QahiraA woman who overpowers others and is always a victorGirl
QailahOne of the names of Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).Girl
QamraA Lebanese term for moon.Girl
QiraatRecitation of the Quran.Girl
QudrahPower, ability, capacity of a woman.Girl
RaahiTraveller; Good Companion; SpringGirl
RabhyaWorshipped; Celebrated; A variant of Rabiya which means Spring, Princess and QueenGirl
RabihaatWinners, acquirersGirl
RabihahWinner, achiever.Girl
RabwahHighland or hilly area.Girl
RadiaSatisfied; Content; Fulfillement; Happy and PleasedGirl
RaffiaA variant of Rafia and Rafiah which means exquisite; brilliance; high and sublimeGirl
RaheebahA woman who is generous and open hearted.Girl
RahmiOne who is merciful and compassionate.Girl
RahmiyaA compassionate and kind woman.Girl
RahumahA woman who is kind, merciful and compassionate.Girl
RaimA mother who has strong affection for her child.Girl
RaimaPleasing; Queen; CharmingGirl
RamelleArabic - Son; A variant of RamelGirl
RaminehA woman of a quiet and peaceful personality.Girl
RanjaGaze; Looking; Beautiful to look atGirl
RaqeemaOne who is intelligent and perceptiveGirl
RashaunaSplendid flower of God; Strong Defender; ShieldGirl
RaunaaOne who gazes at people beutifullyGirl
RaushangulGlowing flowerGirl
RawiahA person who can transmitt ancient Arabic poetryGirl
RaymeLoving; CaringGirl
RayyaNo Longer Thirsty; Sated with DrinkGirl
RazijaShe who is satisfied, content with her life.Girl
RditaShe who is beautiful by her deedsGirl
RefijaShe who is tall and pretty.Girl
RefikaFriend or companion.Girl
RejhanaRejhana is a Bosnian version of Rihanna and means basil plant.Girl
RekhminaSilken, name of a fabricGirl
ReshtinaTruthful, a stern believer of truth.Girl
RevinEscape or flightGirl
RewanSoul, adult or properlyGirl
RifahThe feeling of dignity and elevationGirl
RifnaAn angel faced princessGirl
RiqbahA name of the prophet's wifeGirl
RisnaA wise and blackhaired, dark womanGirl
RizwiA deeply religious womanGirl
RojinOne who is like a sun, prettyGirl
RondA tree of a sweet scentGirl
RoobiA woman who is like a ruby and a pearlGirl
RooheeA very spiritual womanGirl
RoohiA music tune that touches the heartGirl
RosemahOne who is as beautiful as a rose.Girl
RoshaneyPeople who are celebrated among other menGirl
RoshinaThe one who gives lightGirl
RouhiA female, woman name of Muslim originGirl
RozerinWhere the sun risesGirl
RozhinThe beginning of the dayGirl
RubayA daughter of the MuawGirl
RubeinaA waterfall of loveGirl
RubiOne who is like a red gemstone, like a rubyGirl
RubiyaAn arrival of the spring seasonGirl
RufaydahOne who supports AllahGirl
RufqaSomething that gives benefit.Girl
RuhaimahA compassionate and merciful woman.Girl
RuhaniyaA woman filled with spiritualityGirl
RuheeA woman who touches your heart with her soulGirl
RuhiOne with a beutiful soulGirl
RuhiaA soulful womanGirl
RuhinaOne who smells like a perfumeGirl
RujitaA woman known for her beautyGirl
RukanA person with a steady natureGirl
RukayatOne who the Allah lovesGirl
RukhaiyabanuThe name of the Akbar's second wifeGirl
RukhilaOne who loves her heartGirl
RumailahAn ancient Arabic nameGirl
RumaylahAn ancien female Arabic nameGirl
RumeysaVariant of Rumaisa. It means wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks.Girl
RupsaA river in Bangladesh. Also a woman of impeccable beautyGirl
RupshaA girl with impeccable beauty and a name of the river of BangladeshGirl
RuqayaShe is a daughter of the ProphetGirl
RuqayahProphet Muhammed's daughterGirl
RuqayqahA prominent woman's nameGirl
RuqayyaProphet's female childGirl
RuqayyahMuhammed's female childGirl
RuqsarA brilliant young womanGirl
RusenOne who is jovial and cheerful.Girl
RushdaA woman of good guidanceGirl
RuwaidaTo walk very gentlyGirl
RuwaidahAn unhurrying, gentle personGirl
SaahirahEarth, moon, or spring which flows constantlyGirl
Saar-rahLady whose charming manner brings joy.Girl
SabburahA girl with a patient and enduring personality.Girl
SabiqahA Sindhi term for past.Girl
SadetaFelicity, fortune, joyGirl
SadoofName of a poetess.Girl
SafetaClean or pureGirl
SafijaBosnian form of Safiya, meaning clean and pure.Girl
ŠahaŠaha means witness in Arabic and hawk in Persian language.Girl
SahiqaLebanese term for rain.Girl
SaimiA variation of Saima. It means fasting woman.Girl
SajafVeil or cover.Girl
SajjalNice, fine, beautiful, well-arrangedGirl
SakibaOne who is sharp-minded.Girl
SamanehArabic name of the bird quail.Girl
SamijaElevated, highGirl
SamraOne who is dark or dark skinned.Girl
SamyanSingular, unique, incomparable,Girl
SanabelPlant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.Girl
SanginaThe one who is polite with everyoneGirl
SareenaPrincess, beautiful as a princess.Girl
SawsanLily of the valleyGirl
SazanCarp or roachGirl
SeadaOne who is happy and cheerful.Girl
ŠefikaA variant of Shafeeka, meaning merciful and forgiving.Girl
SeherunnisaThe woman of dawn.Girl
ŠeherzadaFree cityGirl
SehrishA woman with a fascinating and enchanting personality.Girl
SelvetaComfort, consolationGirl
SenadinaGlow of faithGirl
SeniyaOne who is praiseworthyGirl
SenzalaSenzala is a type of flower found in Central AsiaGirl
SercanServant or slaveGirl
SerinaCalm and tranquil, a girl with a calm and tranquil natureGirl
ŠevalaShawwal - the tenth month in the Islamic lunar calendar.Girl
SevincJoy, delightGirl
SeydaA woman who is crazy in love.Girl
ShababA youthful girlGirl
ShabahangThe morning-star, or nightingaleGirl
ShabanaBelonging to nightGirl
ShabannaBelonging to night.Girl
ShabeenahA nocturnal person, who loves the nightGirl
ShabibaSHe who is like a grandmotherGirl
ShabnamShe is like the first morning dewGirl
ShadafShe is like a seashellGirl
ShadeeOne who sing beautifuly, a singerGirl
ShadhaaOf good smell, aromaticGirl
ShadiShe is a singerGirl
ShadiyaTo sing beautifulyGirl
ShadleenHappy and soft hearted women.Girl
ShafanaA person of integrityGirl
ShafeeqaA tenderhearted and kind womanGirl
ShafeeqahA tenderhearted compassionate womanGirl
ShafikaA kind hearted womanGirl
ShafinazA pretty, lovely and kind womanGirl
ShafiqaA kind, simphatetic womanGirl
ShafiqahCompassionate, kind oneGirl
ShafiraA nice and well behaved woman.Girl
ShafiullaA woman who is comappionateGirl
ShafnaA purehearted womanGirl
ShaguftaAffection, or fresh.Girl
ShaguftahA person who blooms with happinessGirl
Shahay"Beautiful. It's the name of the heroine of folk tale ""Dalay aw Shahay, a love story at the times of Mughal Emperor Akbar"""Girl
ShaheedaA Martyr for the Islamic causeGirl
ShaheeraAn emintent. distinuished womanGirl
ShahernazThe town's loved one, or favorite one.Girl
ShaherzadCity-born, or daughter of city.Girl
ShahfiqaA kind girlGirl
ShahiA rolyal womanGirl
ShahlaA woman of bluish-black eyesGirl
ShahlaaA girl whose eyes a re bluish-black colorGirl
ShahlylaPrincess or queen of the night.Girl
ShahnaazOne who is born to be a brideGirl
ShahpareeRoyal fairy and king's fairy. Or one who is extremely beautiful.Girl
ShahrinA month of the yearGirl
ShahrzadahShe is the city's childGirl
ShahzaadeeA girl who is a PrincessGirl
ShahzeenA good kind of adorationGirl
ShaibaA name is a variety of Artemisia, a Goddess of the moon and huntingGirl
ShaidahShe witnessed somethingGirl
ShaielleAn uninelligble speakerGirl
ShaimaOne who is good natured.Girl
ShaimaaA good natured womanGirl
ShakeebaA patient womanGirl
ShakooraA very deeply thankful individualGirl
ShakrinA very beautiful ladyGirl
ShakufaThe opening bud.Girl
ShaleeqaOne who is a real, true sisterGirl
ShaliqaOne who acts like a true sisterGirl
ShamaamahFragrance or scent of itr or perfume.Girl
ShamaliyyA star on the skyGirl
ShamaliyyahA name of the starGirl
ShamamahA very dim fragranceGirl
ShameelaSomeone's natural dispositionGirl
ShameemaA scent, a fragranceGirl
ShamilaAn all-understanding oneGirl
ShamilahA complete womanGirl
ShamimaA nice scentGirl
ShamiriaShe is a guardian on menGirl
ShamsuddinkhanShe is the Sun of the religionGirl
ShanifaOne who is loyal, faithful and true to herself and others.Girl
ShanzaiTree of the paradiseGirl
ShaqiqaTo be a sisterGirl
ShaqraA woman of blond hair and fair complexion who is from AshqarGirl
ShaquarriaA woman of many gifts and talentsGirl
ShareefahShe who is noble and gentle.Girl
SharfaA woman with glowing qualitiesGirl
SharicaA woman who is held dearlyGirl
ShariceA woman preciously heldGirl
SharickaA woman who is a partner in lifeGirl
SharjeelaA sparkGirl
ShasmeenA woman who is the most precious among them allGirl
ShastaiPashto word for chrysanthemumGirl
ShawqA woman who longs for things and peopleGirl
ShaydaA woman who is in loveGirl
ShazminaThe one who is capable of too much loveGirl
SheebaOne who gave an oathGirl
SheenazOne who posesses great beutyGirl
SheezaA restless personGirl
ShefrinA well behaved woman.Girl
ShehrnazA beautiful and cute woman.Girl
ShekieraShe who is thankfulGirl
ShellahA truly kind personGirl
ShenazA bride to beGirl
ShezminA flowerGirl
ShezreenA particle og goldGirl
ShikeelaWell-shaped womanGirl
ShimaaA feeling of ectasy and joyGirl
ShinogaiOne with green eyesGirl
ShireenA gentle, swwet and pleasant little girlGirl
Shirin BanoA sweet ladyGirl
ShiyaajAn endevavourus, hard-working womanGirl
SholpanVenus , the planetGirl
Shu'aShe is like the rays of the Sun lightGirl
ShudunA straight woman of powerful personalityGirl
ShughlaRay of lightGirl
ShuhrahA woman with impeccable reputationGirl
ShukrahShe who is full of thankfulnessGirl
ShumailA Muslim name meaning sooratGirl
ShumailaThe name means sooratGirl
ShumaylahFirst woman who wore coloured garments and perfumeGirl
ShurooqA woman who is like a sun-rise, one who risesGirl
ShuruqA woman who rises shining, like the morning sunGirl
SiaraA woman who is pure and holyGirl
SiaraaA girl who is pureGirl
SibaalA woman who has long eyelashesGirl
SibbaThe name of Queen of ShebaGirl
SibghaColor or dye.Girl
SiddeeqaA righteous friend, an honest womanGirl
SiddiqaShe is a righteous friendGirl
SididaA friendly womanGirl
SidiqaShe is a woman with a friendly personalityGirl
SidratulCedar of the farthest point.Girl
SilaahTo be reunitedGirl
SilaiPashto word for windGirl
SimtaA box to save money.Girl
SirahOne who leads a traditional way of lifeGirl
SitiA woman of noble qualitiesGirl
SitinorlailaAn exclusive, beloved and friendly individualGirl
SnoberA name of a pine treeGirl
SobiaA well-dressed woman.Girl
SolinA beautiful flower garden or parterre.Girl
SomadhaA woman who feels completeGirl
SomaiehOne who is high above othersGirl
SomapikaOne who terminates thingsGirl
SompriktiA Bengali name meaning saturationGirl
SomritdhiOne of great prosperityGirl
SonbolEar of wheat, ear of corn.Girl
SonglThe last roseGirl
SonikaThe golden oneGirl
SooriaTo be like a red roseGirl
SorayaShe is precious as a jewelGirl
SorbornoA beautiful and happy individualGirl
SouadShe who is very gladGirl
SoudahA person who is black, a black oneGirl
SouhilaA woman who is soft to the touchGirl
Soulmaz a persianA woman who never wiltsGirl
SouriA girl who is like a red roseGirl
SoussanShe is as beautiful as the lily flowerGirl
SovhonaOne who posesses true beautyGirl
SozanGlowing or burningGirl
SparghaiEmber or fire sparkGirl
SpezalaA woman who is incredibly talentedGirl
StartinaA gorgeous and lovely ladyGirl
Su'adA feeling of gladnessGirl
SuadShe who is very gladGirl
SubarnalataA golden vineGirl
SubarnapratimaShe who is a very beautiful imageGirl
SubayahA name of the narrator of HadithGirl
SubaytahA woman who is of brave natureGirl
SubbihaA woman who is very tidy and cleanGirl
SubhahA woman who is bright like the morningGirl
SubhijaDawn or early bird.Girl
SubhiyahA woman of the morningGirl
SuhaName of a starGirl
SuhadA sleepless womanGirl
SuhailaGentle, easy the name of a starGirl
SuhailahSmooth, soft, fluent, flowingGirl
SuhairProper nameGirl
SuhaymahSmall arrowGirl
SuhayrProper nameGirl
SuhbatOne who is a good companion and leds interesting conversationsGirl
SulabhaSimple, easily availableGirl
SulataA creeper plant, a vineGirl
SuleikaA variant of Zuleika. It was the name of wife of the king of Egypt.Girl
SultaanaShe who is a ruler, a Queen of menGirl
SultanaThe exalted empressGirl
SultanahA woman who rules people, a Qeen, a female SultanGirl
SumairaA woman who is brownishGirl
SumaiyaProper nameGirl
SumaiyahA Prophet's companionGirl
SumamahA name of the plant milletGirl
SumayaSHe who is high aboveGirl
SumayyaA unique and special girlGirl
SumayyahProper nameGirl
SumbulFrail, or delicateGirl
SumehraA beautiful faceGirl
SumeyyeShe who is high above othersGirl
SumiaShe is the one who is always there to listenGirl
SumlShe is an early distinguisherGirl
SummayaShe who is special and uniqueGirl
SummiyaShe is a woman of proper nameGirl
SunatA woman who has a way with things, one with good methodsGirl
SunbulaA corn's earGirl
SuraaA woman of greath power and strenghtGirl
SuradhuniA Bengali name meaning river gangesGirl
SuraviA lady who can be compared to the SunGirl
SurayaA woman precious as a jewelGirl
SurayyaThe name of the Pleaisades, the group of seven stars of Thaurus constellationGirl
SurayyahTo be the 7 Pleiades starsGirl
SuriA girl who is like a red roseGirl
SuriaTo be like a red roseGirl
SuryShe is like the Red RoseGirl
SwabiraA truthful woman who does right by othersGirl
SyedaShe who is a mistressGirl
SyidahThe female leaderGirl
TaadeelState of being equalGirl
TaahiraPure, chasteGirl
TaalahYoung plam tree; Searching for someoneGirl
TaaleaInvolving good luck or fortuneGirl
TaaliahGod-fearing, devoted to God; Woman who recites the quran oftenGirl
TaaraStar, or apple of the eye.Girl
TaaseesBeginning of something new, a foundationGirl
TabaanRefulgent, splendid, or glittering.Girl
TabanaBright moonlightGirl
TabasimPut up a smile in the faceGirl
TabasummSweet smileGirl
TabinaFollower of muhammadGirl
TabindaBright and shiningGirl
TaebbaOne who is pure and chasteGirl
TaghridSinging as a birdGirl
TahajeebWay of life of a group of peopleGirl
TaheeraSimple or restrained personGirl
TaheraFree of any contamination, clean personGirl
TaherahMorally pure and decent, not sinfulGirl
TaherehFree from all sins, pure oneGirl
TaheriaShowing high moral standardGirl
TahiraPure, cleanGirl
TahirahA pure, pristine personGirl
TahirihMorally good or excellentGirl
TahiyahPolite word, sign of welcoming someoneGirl
TahiyatGiving sign of recognitionGirl
TahiyyaTo support or comfort someoneGirl
TahiyyahGesture as a greeting or acknowledgement to someone's arrival or departureGirl
TahjeiraPerson who is naived, innocent or inexperiencedGirl
TahkeemPower to govern or to ruleGirl
TahminaRustam's wife in a famous poem; Strong womanGirl
TahminehFemale character in shanameh epic, a mother of sohrabGirl
TahzibReceiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or universityGirl
TaiatCame back to lifeGirl
TaibaWoman who loves to repent to allah for all the sinsGirl
TaiebA pleasant, sweet smell. A perfumeGirl
TaishaSomeone who is alive; She who livesGirl
TaiwoThe first of the twin to see the worldGirl
TajmeelA decoration that is pleasing to the eyesGirl
TakeiyahOne who worshipsGirl
TakeyaGod-fearing, have a fear in GodGirl
TakiaRighteous, morally right or justifiableGirl
TakijaOne who worshipsGirl
TakishaThe favourite childGirl
TakiyaSomeone who is polite and with good moralsGirl
TakiyahPious, righteousGirl
TakiyyaQuality of being religious or reverentGirl
TakiyyahDerived from the arabic word tarub means fear of godGirl
TakkiaPerson who is a worshipper of godGirl
TakseenOne who provides peaceGirl
TalayahGolden ray of the sunGirl
TaleThe color of greenGirl
TaleishaBlooming lifeGirl
TalethaA maiden, young girlGirl
TalibaOne who seeks knowledgeGirl
TalibahSeeker after knowledgeGirl
TalihahScholar, one who is rich in knowledge and continues to seek itGirl
TalithaA maiden, young girlGirl
TamadhurProper nameGirl
TamarindAn Indian dateGirl
TamashiA woman who has a gloomy personalityGirl
TamisraShe who is full of darknessGirl
TamnaOne who is wished forGirl
TanazDelicate bodyGirl
TanjiaShe who brings salvationGirl
TanjikaShe who is rescuedGirl
TannazShe who likes to flirtGirl
TanseemWater that falls from a high placeGirl
TansholpanThe morning starGirl
TanzeelaOne who is received hospitablyGirl
TaqadusA faith or divinityGirl
TaqdeesPure, sanctity and holiness.Girl
TaqiaShe who is righteousGirl
TaqiyyaA pious, God-fearing womanGirl
TaqiyyahShe who is devoted to GodGirl
TaquaiaOne who worships GodGirl
TaquayaA worshipperGirl
TaquiiaOne who prays to GodGirl
TaraabUrdu name meaning joy and sorrowGirl
TarajiSwahili name meaning hopeGirl
TaranahA harmonic songGirl
TaranehPersian name meaning a songGirl
TarannumA compositionGirl
TarifaShe who is rare or uniqueGirl
TariqahOne who is always victoriousGirl
TarjaUpholder of goodGirl
TaruhA happy girlGirl
TarzMusic rhythmGirl
TasahniA view of beautyGirl
TasheenOne who is very ambitiousGirl
TashveerA beautiful portretGirl
TasiyahOne who gives consolationGirl
TaskeenShe who seeks comfortGirl
TasleemahA peaceful greetingGirl
TaslimahSalutation, peaceGirl
TaslinA blessingGirl
TasmeekhLiving in fragranceGirl
TasmiaTo mention the name of Allah.Girl
TasneemFountain of Paradise.Girl
TasnuvaA piece of goldGirl
TassadaqShe who makes the sacrificeGirl
TasweebOne who speaks the truthGirl
TawakelA trusted womanGirl
TawanaA capable womanGirl
TawbahA remorseful womanGirl
TawfiqaOne who has good luckGirl
TayabaA very pleasant personGirl
TaybahShe who is pureGirl
TayebbaA good, pleasant personGirl
TayyebehA good deedGirl
TayyibatunnisaPerson with good natureGirl
TazaThe fresh and the newGirl
TazagulClean flowerGirl
TazaraOne who is elegant and gracefulGirl
TazeenDecoration, adornment or makeupGirl
TazkiaA girl who is specianGirl
TazmeenOne with great habits and natureGirl
TehreemA sacred oneGirl
TehzeebAn educated womaGirl
TeishaShe who livesGirl
TekeyiaOne who worships GodGirl
TelaShort for of OtteliaGirl
TelinaVariation of Lina, a palm treeGirl
TevhidaBelief in God's onenessGirl
ThaieraA generous, poised and adventerous beingGirl
ThainaA praiseGirl
Thana'The deathGirl
ThheibaA responsible, reasonable and affectionate beingGirl
ThorayaBright starlightGirl
ThubaytahName of the daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-AnsariyahGirl
ThufailahA woman who has respect for the eldersGirl
ThuhaybaA wealthy star; one who is thankfulGirl
ThuraiaA star in the skyGirl
ThuraiyaStar of my lifeGirl
ThurayyahShe who shines like a starGirl
ThurrayyaArabic word for stars and planetsGirl
ThuwaybahName of one of the prophetsGirl
ThwayyaShe who is like a starGirl
TijahMalay form of Khadija, meaning premature child.Girl
TikiaOne who worships a lot, a worshipperGirl
TipahOne who is gentle and kind. A form of Latipha.Girl
TogzhanOne with a pure soulGirl
ToobaBest or excellent or a tree form heavenGirl
Tor PikaiA girl with black hairGirl
ToubaThe blessed or the best personGirl
ToucaOut of a birds name ToucanGirl
ToulinA circular band of light around moonGirl
TubaPerfect and holiness.Girl
TubaaUnpolluted or cleanness.Girl
TubbaPure and diligent human being; a tree from heavenGirl
TufaylahThe name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.Girl
TuhfaRefers to the act of giving.Girl
TuhfahNatural abilities or qualities.Girl
TuhiA noise or sound which a bird can make.Girl
TujelaTujela is the name of a plateau.Girl
TumadurResembles as right name or correct name.Girl
TuqaPaying close attention to responsibilities on God's side.Girl
TuqaaOne who is attentive towards responsibility of GodGirl
TuranThe land or place of Tur, Who was a Persian hero.Girl
TurandotName of the beautiful daughter of TuranGirl
TurfaRefers to unique or exclusive.Girl
TurkessaThe one who comes from Turkey.Girl
TutiAn uncommon name of a girl.Girl
TyeshaBlooming and healthy.Girl
UdaysahUdaysah was the name of the narrator of Hadith and also Ahban al-Ghifariyah's daughter.Girl
UlbolsinMay the next one be a boyGirl
UltuarGive birth to boysGirl
UmaymaLittle motherGirl
UmihanaMother of HaniGirl
UswahBrightness, or rayGirl
UzmaGrand; Greatest; Supreme; UltimateGirl
VahidaSingle or one.Girl
VardahAn Arabic word for rose.Girl
VeedaFound, or evidentGirl
ViyanIntention or wishGirl
WadaanaA girl destined to be wealthy and prosperousGirl
WadidaOne who is loving, and affectionate.Girl
WafaFaithfulness, fidelity and loyaltyGirl
WafiqahSuccessful; Triumphant; Victorious; A variant spelling is WafeeqahGirl
WafiyyahLoyal; Faithful; A variant spelling is WafiyaGirl
WagmaBreeze accompanied with a pleasant smellGirl
WaheedaUnique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A variant spelling is WahidaGirl
WahibahGiver, donorGirl
WahidahUnique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A variant spelling is WaheedaGirl
WajiaA beautiful melodyGirl
WajihahEminent; Distinguished; Famous; Respected; RenownedGirl
WaleeyaSupporter, caretaker, companion.Girl
WardaPashto term for roseGirl
WarddaRose flower.Girl
WasemeKenyan term meaning let them talk.Girl
WasfiaWorthy of praiseGirl
WasifahOne who describes.Girl
WasiyaOne who is gracious, patient, and powerful.Girl
WathiqaCertain, sure, confidentGirl
WejahShe who practices Purdah.Girl
WijdanEcstasy, sentimentGirl
WisalCommunion in loveGirl
WisamaBeauty, attractiveness.Girl
YaeetaShe who is beautiful.Girl
YalinaOne who is soft and delicate.Girl
YalqootA charitable woman.Girl
YameenaOne who is prospering.Girl
YaminahOne who is right handed.Girl
YamnaOn the right side, one who is always right.Girl
YaqutaGold, ruby, pearl and coral. Basically a term used for gem stones.Girl
YaseeraOne who is blessed and living well.Girl
YashfaShe who intercedes on behalf of someone on Judgment day.Girl
YasimJasmine; Fragrance; Sweet Smelling like Jasmine; Beautiful and FairGirl
YasmoonA name of jasmine flower.Girl
YayotaA beautiful womanGirl
YeganeA woman of incomparable beauty.Girl
YezdaA divine creatureGirl
YosifaFeminine form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.Girl
YumnaLucky and fortunate child.Girl
YusayrahEasy; One of the First Two Swear Allegiance (bayah) to the ProphetGirl
YusraOne blessed with a good fortune.Girl
YusriaHighly Prosperous; Fortunate; Lucky; Well destinedGirl
YuvleenAbsorbed In Youthfulness; One who is young and vibrant with youthful energyGirl
ZaafirahVictorious, or successfulGirl
ZafirahTriumphant, Successful; Victorious; WinnerGirl
ZahaTravelling Over a Dusty sky; Satisfied; Peaceable; Peaceful; A variant spelling is ZahaaGirl
ZaheeraPlant that has flowered.Girl
ZahidaShe who is restrained, devoted to GodGirl
ZahirahShining, luminousGirl
ZahraShining or flowerGirl
ZahriyyahFlower-like, or flower vaseGirl
ZaibA graceful and beautiful woman.Girl
ZaimaLeader, a woman with leadership qualities.Girl
ZainaA girl who is exceptionally beautiful.Girl
ZainabFragrant blooming plant; Beauty; It was name of a daughter, a granddaughter, and two wives of the Prophet MuhammadGirl
ZaitunaOlive treeGirl
ZakiaA woman of great intelligenceGirl
ZakiyahA lady of keen perception and sharp mindGirl
ZalaShine and brightnessGirl
ZaleekhahA variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.Girl
ZalikaOne who is well born.Girl
ZamaairHearts, or consciences.Girl
ZamdaName of a plant that grows in quick sandGirl
ZamiraLean, and fitGirl
ZaneerahAn intelligent and wise woman.Girl
Zar BibiZar means gold and Bibi means woman.Girl
Zar WareenThe woman who sprinkles goldGirl
ZarafshanSpreader of gold or one who spreads happiness.Girl
ZareeshA woman with great wealthGirl
ZarghunaThe color greenGirl
ZargulShining, brilliant or a golden flower.Girl
ZarifaThe one who is destined to be successful.Girl
ZarifahA graceful woman.Girl
ZarlashtaA beautiful, golden branchGirl
ZarminaA old Pashto name meaning lovely and precious goldGirl
ZarmishaA golden flower.Girl
ZarqaA girl with bluish green eyesGirl
ZartashaOne who is made up of golden stars.Girl
ZaunaTo be aliveGirl
ZaweelaMotion, or activityGirl
ZaytoonahA Single Olive; Olive Tree; A variant form of name Zaituna; Zaytoon is another variant formGirl
ZeeanaBeautification, adornment.Girl
ZehraBright, luminousGirl
ZeinabA variant of Zainab, meaning beautiful.Girl
ZelPrivate or special.Girl
ZeryaKurdish word for sea.Girl
ZeynepPrecious rock, Precious gem, A father's precious gemGirl
ZhalaThe luminosity and shine of moonGirl
ZhalaiHail, pellets of frozen rain, falling in showers from cloudsGirl
ZikiyaOne who is smart and intelligent.Girl
ZikraRecollection, memory, remembrance, thoughts of the pastGirl
ZimalA large item of clothing that covers the entire body.Girl
ZinetaJewelry, decorationGirl
ZivahOne who is bright and shining.Girl
ZlemLonging, yearningGirl
ZmarakLike a little lionGirl
ZohalZohal is the name of the moon of another planetGirl
ZoobiaOne who has the blessings of the almighty.Girl
ZoonaA sensible, wise and intelligent woman.Girl
ZoreedOne who meets, one with strong intentions.Girl
ZubaydahOne who is soft bodied.Girl
ZufashWhen the light spreads over the world.Girl
ZuhaForenoon, or the time between sunrise and noon.Girl
ZuhairahBlossom, radiant, shiningGirl
ZuhrThe first three nights of the lunar month, light or brilliance.Girl
ZuhraPashto term for Venus starGirl
ZuhriyyahArabic word for flower vase.Girl
ZuleikhaA girl who is lovely and brilliantGirl
ZulemahPeace; Tranquility; Quiteness; A variant name of SolomonGirl
ZulfahNearness, Closeness; One who is very dear; A variant spelling is Zulfa which means first part of nightGirl
ZullaShade, especially the shade of trees.Girl
ZumarGroups, throngs of peopleGirl
ZumarradEmerald, precious stoneGirl
ZumurrudPakistani word for emerald or precious stone.Girl
ZurahThe heavenly body Venus.Girl
ĐemilaA beautiful woman.Girl
Abt'hiThe one who lives in AbtahUnisex
BujA person like a lotus flowerUnisex
FarqadA two bright stars of Ursa MinUnisex
FarqadinTwo stars near the poleUnisex
Aadaad in Islams means 'The man' and on the other hand in Sikhs it's a girl name meaning In the beginningUnisex
AatiqIn case of a girl it means a very Young women while in case of a Boy it has a meaning of Liberated, Independent or FreeUnisex
AbnusA dark colored wood that do not sink, ebonyUnisex
AzyanAdornment or decoration.Unisex
BakytHappiness or luckUnisex
BarakatBlessings; Abundance; ProsperityUnisex
BasharatGood Omen; ProphecyUnisex
BirjisPlanet; Planet JupiterUnisex
CaileyA fair and slim darlingUnisex
DaanaA knowledgeable personUnisex
Emanthis name means faith or belief.Unisex
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
FarvardinOne who protects the good and the pureUnisex
HarirSilk, Silken clothUnisex
HereAnglo-Saxon word meaning armyUnisex
ImenFaith or beliefUnisex
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
JamA sweet condimentUnisex
KwentoOne who protects the family name from destructionUnisex
QuasarMeteorite; Someone from unique and otherworldlyUnisex
RiffatOne who has high status in society, a holder of superior rankUnisex
RukhaylahA name for both Boys and girlsUnisex
SihaA valiant, lion-hearted manUnisex
SuOne who has good luckUnisex
TabbasumSmile happinessUnisex
TafadzwaIn shona it means we are pleasedUnisex
TahaniCongratulate someone for something good that has happened to themUnisex
TamanOne who is like a gardenUnisex
TamanniOne who is hopeful and wishfulUnisex
TansuWater of the dawnUnisex
TasnimFrom the fountain of paradiseUnisex
ThazeenBeautifully radiant oneUnisex
TigranShooting or fighting with arrowsUnisex
ZadaFortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To increase; A variant spelling of ZaidaUnisex
ZaydaFortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To increase; A variant spelling of ZaidaUnisex