Muhammad(SAW) name written on a Tree

Islamic Miracle, Muhammad(SAW) name written on a Tree

Allah Miracles in Mosque

I dont know its true or not.... But: Allah's name appears on carpet in Masjid after Quran CompetitionPlace: Birmingham Islamic Society (BIS) Masjid Alabama, USA.Date: May 3,...

Miracles Of Allah Rab-UL-Izat

Islamic miracles Islamic miracle:The Name of Allah Rab-UL-Izat written on the Leaf. Mojza Of Islam: Masjid unaffected once again by earthquake in Turkey

Kalma-E-Taiyiba written Inside the Tomamto

According to a reporter from the Express newspaper, UK, they were calling it the Miracle Tomato of Huddersfield. For when a schoolgirl sliced it in half she...

Islamic Miracle Name of Allah Almighty on Stone

Name of Allah Almighty on stone, discovered on April 13, 2004 on penzance beach, cornwall, United Kingdom by Cyrous Amid

Allah’s Name on Mountain Miracle

Ice forms the name of Allah on a mountain Place: Turkey, Scanned and sent to us by a brother who owns the picture

Allah’s name Miracles

Miracle in a Plum Fruit Place: London, UK (corrected) Date: November, 2002 Detail: The person who sent us the pictures had a dream that someone gave...

Name of Allah On Stone Islamic miracles

Name of Allah Almighty on stone:: Found by Mr. Farmanullah from Bannu (NWFP, Pakistan) :: Friday on 9 August of 2002 years in the...

Allah’s Miracle Name Of Allah

Allah's name clearly visible over Africa Date: Verified in June 3, 2003 Amazing discovery by Keyhan Mohmand from Almere Stad, Holland. We have verified this...

Miracle Of Allah

Name of Allah Almighty written on the surface of Star Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) naturally mentioned on marble(found by Mr. Khalid Naeem Mughal from U.A.E)