Ayat & Hadith About Namaz and Dua’s in Urdu

Ayat related to Namaz, Images.     Ahadees related to Namaz                Dua's   

Top Hadees about Namaz in Urdu – Hadees -e-Nabvi (S.A.W)

Hadith related to Namaz Ayat & Hadith About Namaz and Dua's in Urdu Importance of Namaz Muslim Hadees in Urdu    Don't come running Wazu ki Ahmiyat  Abu Dawood Hadith...

Qurani Ayat – Best Quranic Verses with Urdu Translation

Qurani Ayat collection with Urdu translation. Beautiful Images.  Quranic Verse  and Hadith Importance of Jihad  Importance of Namaz Qurani Ayat in Urdu

Hadees of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari in Urdu

Hadith collection in Urdu. Hadith Bukhari and Hadith Muslim are world's most authenticated texts on words spoken by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).     

Hadith – Hadees e Nabvi in Urdu

Hadith in Islamic religious use is often translated as "prophetic traditions", meaning the corpus of the reports of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad...

Ayat and Hadees about Jadoo in Urdu – Jadoo karne wale ki Saza –...

Jadoo karne wala or karne wala hum mein se nahi You can also find Magic and Islam - What Islam says about Magic? - Magic Solutions  

Hadith about Ramadan in English – Top Ramadan Quotes

Ramadan Hadith collection The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: "Whoever passed away in a state that he was fasting while seeking the pleasure of Allah, he will enter Paradise" "Whoever does not...

Brotherhood in Islam – Hadees about Brotherhood

Brotherhood The closest relationship and bond that can take place between two people during the course of their lifetime is that of brotherhood.The only relationship that is a...

Human Rights in Islam – Hadith about Kindness and Equality in Islam

Humna Rights in Islam  Fundamental human rights in Islam are well defined. Protection of human life is fundamental objective and principle of Islamic teachings. The Holy Qur’an says: “Whoever kills a...

Top 10 Islamic Cover Photos for Facebook – Beautiful Islamic Photos

Islamic FB Timeline Covers updated their cover photo. Beautiful collection of Islamic Photos. Spreading Islamic information is the duty of every Muslim.