Ijarah Rental Pakistan


  • Letting on lease.
  • Medium to long term facility for vehicles, plant and machinery leased out to the client on rental basis
  • Sale of a definite usufruct of any asset in exchange of definite reward.

Term & conditions:

  • According to rules and regulations. 
  • Customer cannot create any charge on asset as pledge or other. 
  • Leased may inspect by Bank. 
  • Insurance premium of leased asset will be paid by bank. 
  • Bank require evidence about the use of asset. 
  • All present and future expenses shall be payable by the customer immediately on first demand of Bank.
  • Legal documents charge will be recovered at actual.


1. Pre-Qualification
2. Ijarah Programs and Rates
3. The Application 4. Processing
5. Required Documents
6. Credit Reports
7. Appraisal Basics
8. Underwriting
9. Closing
10. Summation


Ijarah Rhetal Process

Ijarah Process starts with Pre- Qualification. First the lender gathered basic and necessary information about lessee’s income, debts and other respective information depending upon the determined income and assets of lessee. After proper analyzation lease rate would be decided. Then an adjustable lease may make more sense. A fixed lease is more suitable if you have long term plans. After that, the application starts the paperwork of the Ijarah process. The lessee completes the application and provides all the documentation which required. Once the application has been submitted, the processing for Ijarah begins. The entire Ijarah Islamic finance package is then put together for submission to the lender.


  • Salary/ Payslip 
  • Ownership Documentation
  •  Rental agreement
  • Trustee’s personal information

After it credit profile is to be formed, There are five categories of information on a credit profile:

  •  Identifying Information 
  • Employment Information 
  • Credit Information
  • Public Record Information 
  • Inquiries

The following items are some of the ways you can improve the credit score of lessee:

  •  Pay your bills on time.
  •  Keep Balances low on credit cards.
  • Limit your credit accounts to what you really need.
  • Accounts that are no longer needed should be formally canceled since zero balance accounts can still count against you. 
  • Check that your credit report information is accurate. 
  • Be conservative in applying for credit and make sure that your credit is only checked when necessary.

The contract is undertaking now and after approval, it transferred towards the closing and funding department.

Now Ijarah summery is ready and after the completion of process Contract is ready to submit.


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