Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) was sent as a mercy for All.
Prophet (P.B.U.H) was even merciful to animals .
Some incidents in his life would highlight this element of Mercy in the teachings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) .
1) Prophet SAW came across a camel crying and howling due to thirst and hunger , he strictly advised the owner to look after his camel for the of being deprived of food and water on the day of judgement .
kindness on camel
2) Prophet Saw was amongst his companions and he noticed a bird flying around violently as if in distress . He inquired what the cause was and a companion got up and said that he had taken out the nestlings from the bird’s nest .
Prophet was very annoyed and immediately ordered him to but them back saying cant you see how restless the mother bird was …
But today some beast humans abduct some mothers children for their lust of money…
Baby-bird-and-mother-feeding-wallpaper3) Prophet (P.B.U.H) had camped up at a place while his journey when he saw a fire lit some distance away . He asked why the fire had been set ?
Was told that their was an anthill which was put to fire with the feeling that the ants might disturb us .
Prohet SAW told ,
” to burn and punish with fire is only the right of the creator of fire ”
Mercy on ant
4) Prophet SAW narrated the story of a traveller of Bani Israel who got down a well when he got thirsty . When he had climbed back he saw a thirsty dog panting with thirst . The traveller had mercy on the dog got down the well and brought out water in his leather shoe to let the dog drink to quench his thirst. .
KindnessAllah merciful liked the act of mercy to the extent that he rewarded the man with Jannah !
Allah help us develop the trait of Mercy so that we get Allah’s mercy on the Day of Judgement


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