Self Audit At Night”

That before you sleep and after saying the masnoon kalimaat and Surahs and Duas ..
Sleeping Dua
EVERYNIGHT : make a quick SELF AUDIT ……
Sleeping Manners
Judge yourself very critically …..
Your :
Ibadaats (prayers) of the day and their regularity
Dealings with all those arround you
Manners ( akhlaaq)
How did you fulfill your Duties towards Allaah and His beings ( haqooq ul Allah and haqooq ul Ibaad )
What you earned , how you earned….
How you spent , where you spent ….
Then check your heart and soul for any ……
Arrogance ( takabbur )
Jealousy ( hasad )
Selfishness , conciet
Hatred and bad feelings for those arround you ( keena , nafrat , kadurat )
Love and lust of money
Thanklessness ( na shukhri )
Hypocrisy ( nifaaq )
If you catch or identify any wrongs then please tonight before you sleep to enter into a death like state …..
Accept your wrongs and sins ( confess to yourself )
Then feel ashamed ( nadamat )
Then seek forgiveness from Allah who is Allah forgiving
al Ghafoor , al Ghaffaar
Then promise your Islah ( correction )
Ask Allah for His help , support and guidance to make your self a better person
Insha’Allah if your tomorrow finds you a better human the you shall succeed ….
Allah bless us all with the desire to save ourselves and our family from the failure on the day of the judgement
And bless us all with the sucess of Jannah Aameen !
Dua for today :
” اللهم حاسبنا حسابا يسيرا “
Allah kindly bless us with easy hisaab on the day of Judgement.. Ameen



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